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Gateway Seafield Portchester


About Gateway Seafield Portchester

Parents at Gateway Seafield Portchester will tell you that the friendly and caring attitude of staff clearly influenced their choice of pre-school. The parents express enormous confidence in the standard of care, as well as in the quality of communication; they are especially pleased with their children’s preparation for the future.

The success of Gateway Seafield Portchester can be measured by how happy and confident the children are. Parents see how their children develop in confidence and self-esteem, how they are able to spend extended periods playing without being distracted or losing interest. This is achieved by Gateway Seafield Portchester working actively to promote an inclusive atmosphere: less confident, quieter children are encouraged to join in. By being sensitive to each child’s needs, the staff help each child to spend progressively more time in a single play activity; the longer, more in-depth a play period is, the more the child will develop good physical co-ordination and movement, a better understanding of how the world works and the emotional maturity to be able to interact with others. This, in turn, leads to very good levels of behaviour: children share, take turns and play well together.

The staff at Gateway Seafield Portchester have been recognised as working well together as a team. Not only does this enable the staff to work more effectively, it also provides an excellent role model for the children, parents and all those who come into contact with Gateway Seafield Portchester.

This provision is GOOD!

  • The management team has a very clear and focused attitude towards their responsibility for promoting children’s learning and development.
  • There is a high level of organisation and strong leadership across the provision and this competently and effectively supports staff in meeting children’s individual needs.
  • The manager has overall responsibility for reviewing children’s learning records regularly. This process enables her to provide an overview of the provision and helps to recognise any gaps in children’s achievement levels.
  • There are robust and well-documented tracking records in place for all staff working in the setting and the manager includes regular staff appraisals to maintain and record staff suitability.


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Gateway Seafield Portchester,   Seafield, Westlands Grove, Portchester, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 9AA

Manager: Karen Cassie     T: 023 92 372 355     E: portchester@gatewaypreschools.org

We would be delighted to show you around any of our Gateway Pre-School locations. Please call 01329 848 615 or email us at contact@gatewaypreschools.org to make an appointment.