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Gateway Brockhurst


About Gateway Brockhurst

The beautifully and symbolically named Caterpillar Room and Butterfly Room immediately project the aspirations of Gateway Brockhurst. Children are drawn from across the whole of the local community, reflecting its diverse cultural and social make-up. The sense of belonging exhibited by the children is demonstrated in the way they work with one another: fetching an apron for another child, taking turns to play with various toys, extending the lessons learned into other activities, for example washing hands even in role play. The table manners, general good manners and politeness of the children is often remarked upon by visitors.

The children are not by-standers in the work of Gateway Brockhurst: they actively help, for example in the preparation of food and drink for Snack Time, ensuring chairs are tucked in properly so no-one trips – even picking up toys which have fallen on the floor.

The children have clear rules and boundaries. Staff take the time to get to know both the children and family well. They are careful to use good eye contact to engage with and hold the attention of each child. The children quickly learn to concentrate exceptionally well and so spend longer on both indoor and outdoor activities, learning more and becoming physically and mentally much stronger.

The provision is  GOOD with an Outstanding in personal, development and welfare.

  • Staff promote the children’s personal, social and emotional development extremely well.
  • Children become enthusiastic about learning.
  • Staff plan challenging archives based on their secure knowledge of children’s skills and interests

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Gateway Brockhurst,   Brockhurst Baptist Church, Netherton Road, Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 4PH

Manager: Debbie Goff     T: 023 92 602 609     E: brockhurst@gatewaypreschools.org

We would be delighted to show you around any of our Gateway Pre-School locations. Please call 023 9260 4290 or email us at contact@gatewaypreschools.org to make an appointment.