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Gateway Brockhurst Avery


About Gateway Brockhurst Avery

Gateway Brockhurst Avery is a purpose built setting which is situated in the grounds of Brockhurst Primary school.  We cater for children between the ages of 2 – 5 years in our 2 rooms, the Caterpillars and the Butterflies.  Our rooms are designed to meet all children’s needs and interests, we welcome visits so you can see this for yourself.  The manager or deputies will be happy to show you around and provide any further information you may require.  At any one time we are able to care for 44 children within our pre-school.  We are a fully inclusive setting, listening to your views and wishes and working together to ensure your child is able to attend the room best suited to their individual needs.  We are a term time setting and offer a variety of sessions between 8.30am and 3.30pm.  Both funded and non-funded places are available, the government website provides information regarding childcare funding options, or please contact us as we are always willing to help.

At our pre-school we thrive on providing your child a tailored education suited to their individual needs.  Your child’s happiness and wellbeing is central to all that we do.  We place a great emphasis on the three prime areas within the EYFS, communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.  At Gateway Brockhurst Avery we value and respect your children, staff role model how to be respectful citizens and how to care for one another, Children learn and understand routines and boundaries which allows them to build their confidence to make friends, with both adults and children. In addition to this, we encourage every child to become independent by giving them the opportunity to help in daily routines such as preparing a snack or putting the lunch boxes in the fridges. We extend their independence by continually offering children choices.

Our staff are highly trained and understand the importance of following a child’s interest and leading them into new wonders of the world to explore.  We recognise that our staff are the greatest assets to our setting and ensure that we provide all staff with opportunities to develop their practice further.  Staff will offer comments and sow the seed for your child’s imagination to grow.  We provide a wide range of activities using our PLOD (Possible Lines of Development) method which are centred on the children’s interests. The children are at the heart of all that we do, but we also consider you, their parents / carers as our partners.  We strongly believe that you are a child’s first educator and by working together as a united team we will ensure that your child’s early years journey is a successful one.  We have an open door policy so all parents / carers are welcome, we strongly recommend attending our stay and play sessions as these are designed to provide a real insight to what your child experiences every day at preschool.  We also hold parents evenings which provides opportunities for you and key carers to discuss your child’s journey so far.

Video Tour

Butterfly Room – 07506 597 751
Caterpillar Room – 07506 597 212

Team Members


Gateway Brockhurst Avery,   Brockhurst Primary School, North Campus, Avery Lane, Gosport, Hants, PO12 4SL

Manager: Debbie Goff     T: 023 92 529 209     E: brockhurstavery@gatewaypreschools.org

We would be delighted to show you around any of our Gateway Pre-School locations. Please call 02392 982 360 or email us at contact@gatewaypreschools.org to make an appointment.